What are the stages of getting back together with exbf?

Alright thanks, I'm just scared if he asks to have sex again then I say no. What would he do and say that's what I'm scared of. He lost his virginity with me that's why I'm scared and i don't know if so sex would it help me.


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  • Stages of what you should do? Or stages of how you feel?

    • Yes what to do

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    • Alright thanks also another question we had set twice since we broke up 3 months after we broke up and other couple months after rhat. Should I cut out sec to get him back?

    • I'd work slowly. If you've already met up, you could reduce the no contact to 21 days. It'll give you time to clear your head. But i'd still advise the no contact. No sex, definitely don't sleep with him. He'll just use you for sex. Only have sex again once you've made him work hard for it e. g. multiple dates, him actually saying he wants to be in a relationship again etc. Make it clear (after the no contact) that you won't sleep with a guy who you're not in a relationship with. It'll be hard but it will be worth it in the end. No matter the outcome, you'll be stronger and happier for working on yourself. Good luck!

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