I broke up with my girlfriend because I didn't love her, but now I think I might want her back

i split up with my girlfriend a few months ago because I didn't love her anymore, the spark had gone and I was starting to like other girls. she was devastated, I've never felt so harsh in my life, I felt awful for her. we stayed friends for a while, then we both started seeing other people, mine was more of a fling, and she said hers was to make me jealous. but both have ended now and we've started talking a lot more again, and it was like before we got together in the first place, flirting etc. we were watching a film together, and she kissed me, I was startled but didn't stop because it felt right. we ended up sleeping together. if we didn't have the history, there would be no question whether I should get back with her, but we do, and I don't want to hurt her again. she's made it clear that she's willing to take me back if I want her again. I don't know if its her I miss, or having a girlfriend that I miss. either way I don't want to get back with her and it end up like it did before. I don't know if I should risk it or not :/


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  • Risk it don't stay with the doubt of what could of happend..

    she'll take you back either ways..just do it


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