Please help me with this incredibly vague conversation? 😐 Short and easy?

Please help me with this incredibly vague conversation? 😐 Short and easy?
Don't judge. It's a conversation between my ex and I, I managed to piss him off when we had been starting to get along again eg flirting and he had even hugged me/was being more emotional.

After my antics, I gave him bad memories and he said we should stick to being friends again. Which is fine. But? I don't get why when I go to apologise he's being THIS VAGUE. Don't want to make the situation worse... what to do?

  • He's clearly still pissed, despite what he's saying
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  • He's avoiding your questions for whatever reason
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  • Try and encourage him to open up to you
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  • Other
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Please answer/vote quickly as it might sway what I reply to him! Thanks if you do.


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  • I don't know why, but the way he says "I'm fine" makes me feel that he is not fine for real and just upset.

    • Yeah... I've found out why he's upset, so he's definitely not in the mood for chatting about our previous argument at the moment haha

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  • Δ° think it is better to believe what He says. When he says it is fine, it means just ok.

    • But, does that mean that we can go back to flirting again... or do we remain just being friends? That's what I meant when I asked about forgetting... and he's just said its fine. Which is too vague.

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    • Wait till he initiates. Otherwise close that page.