Ex boyfriend changed for the worse... but can he go back?

My ex used to be an amazing person with great morals. people always said to be that he was a sweetheart and a genuinely good guy. we were best freinds and loved spending time together. we always talked about marriage and our future together. until he began to change. he cheated on me (which was something he said he would never do), began lying, drinking, partying more and showing more interest in other woman. he broke up with me and said we would get back together later on. I acted needy and he got annoyed and said things are done for good, although he used to say I was the love of his life. we have hung out more than 10 times since then and every time i see him he treats me as if we are dating, he is sweet and affectionate and seems to care for me, but then I don't hear from him unless I text him. we broke up 10 months ago. now he says he has no feelings and is only using me for sex. he says there is no future for us, not even later on. he says he has had a thing with a different girl and that he has been cheating on her with me for a while. is there any chance he will regret this and go back to being the person he used to be?

  • He might change back, since he used to be a good guy.
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  • Nope. This is not a good person. he will not regret this later on and magically be nice again.
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  • I think he's a lost cause, that's why he is lost now in the first place!


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  • I agree with everyone else on here. You can't make a person change, only he can change himself. But you shouldn't have to deal with this kind of treatment. There will be guys out there who will worship the ground you walk on, and you'll love them more than your ex. It's hard now but you need to push through and hold onto your standards. If someone in your family or a close friend went through this, would you tell them to get back with him? Would you think he would change?
    He's cheating on another girl with you. No girl or guy should suffer that pain.
    My honest opinion is that he won't change anytime soon.
    Cut your losses now before it gets any worse. Show him what he's lost. If he changes and proves it to you, then maybe think about talking. But right now, keep your distance.


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  • Why some women put up with this kind of bullshit in the hopes a guy will change is beyond me... fuck even if he does change he doesn't deserve to get you back after how he has treated youm

  • He can change back, it's up to him though

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