Is it worth it?

Every time my ex gets drunk I am the one that gets called. He calls me babe and all the other mushy stuff and I generally fall for it because I loved him. Does he really mean it or is he just horny?


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  • a drunken mind speaks of a sober heart...


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  • i hate to say this...but in my opinion it could be because deep down he does still want you but...he is just drunk so..unless he has a girlfriend. I say when he's not drunk, if he shows no signs of wanting you. that the only reason he calls you is because he has been drinking.

    ...hope this helps..probably makes no sense but...anyway :-) good luck.

  • when one gets drunk and is alone then the person feels talk with him about it when he is sober.

  • my dad always says: a drunk can never tell a lie.

    • That's what I have been told too. but when we were together we just fought.

    • Well then confront him. ask him what's going on? ask him does he want to get back together or if he want to then tell him to leave you alone. because all he's doing is playing with your emotions.

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