Still wanting to see my ex. What do I do?

My boyfriend of 4yrs and I haven't seen each other in weeks bcus I broke up with him due to texting other females. Plus he's goin through a phase where he's unhappy with himself. We got in a heated argument and I decided to not see him until a wk later. He decided not to talk about the situation when I wnted 2 so I left. Then I sent him a screenshot over a ad for a tv he sold 2 mnths ago, he decided not to after I told him various times 2 put dwn. So people are calling me. I decided not to comment on the Ss bcus he should already kno. He msgs me five times about his sister hates him, his mom "not fuckin" with him and he's glad to hear from me. I keep it cool n tell him that it's not the case, they love u, n they don't agree w/ the desicions he has made in life. He tells me his sister hates him then asks me what I'm doin I keep it short. Then asks how I'm doin then I tell him I'm gearin up 4 skool. He works at a my fav pizza place n tells me he thinks of me all the time. I also tell him I'm in therapy 4 my personal reasons. He tells me that he wsnt unhappy w/ me but himself, I told him I knew. I suggested he'd go to therapy n he agreed. Then we had a joking convo n felt like we were normal. Then we were back 2 our normal schedule of not talking. Anyways I know we dearly miss each other bcus I know he stalks my profile on Instagram after i blocked him. I just don't kno what to do. I kno I have to keep focus on me. But I can't help but wanting to see him.

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  • Then see him, if you can't help it, then go see him. You are just hurting yourself by not seeing him, but then again, he did not listen to your request. I and my Ex broke up. Even when much I missed her and she missed me, we went our separate ways. Yes, it hurts to see her sometimes, but I have to push through. Do what you feel like is right. For him to tell you how unhappy he is, is pretty lame because of course you are going to be unhappy and of course you are, because it take more guts to end a relationship. If you told him before to stop texting , girls and he didn't respect your decision, do you think he will stop? How do you know if he ain't talking to them right now? Would you listen to his demands if he told you not to text guys? Have you text others guys? And if you did, did he know? If he knew, what he think about it. These types of questions you have to ask yourself. And if you have ask yourself these questions, and had an answer to them. Then, you will make a good choice.

  • go for it, but keep it light


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