What does my ex mean?

So my ex and i have stayed in cintact with each other over the past couple of months. 2 weeks ago i got asked out on and i never said i was going and he assumed i was and we argued over messages for about an hour and he said things like "i love you""i will always remember you" " i want you in my life and i want us but i have stuff to sort out".

I got over our argument by telling him i wasn't over him and i still love him. We have talked since then and i have even hung out with them. Last week we had a really good night hanging out and he was glirty and touching me and when i left i received a message from him saying that he had fun with me. A couole of days ago he sent me a picture with "when i miss you i look at your photosand smile" on it.
What is he doing? We have dogs togethwr so i go see my dogs whenever i can. Should i say something? Does he actually want me in his life?


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  • Be up front. You need to know exactly what he wants. He could want to be with you, or he could just want sex. Be clear with what you expect and what you want. If he can't give you that relationship, and support you etc. then show him you won't tolerate anything less. Ignore him for a month, give him the time he needs to sort himself out. If he's not ready after this month, move on and show him that you won't tolerate mixed messages.