I became crazy after the break up, what can I do?

boyfriend and I dated for 3 years. said I was the love of his life. then we broke up. I started to send my boyfriend texts from fake numbers, create fake instagram profiles to follow him, log into his accounts to see what he was doing, called and texted him all the time, asked his friends about him, cried and begged for him back, wrote him letters, etc. after some time I cooled down and was able to give him space and we started to hang out again. but now he says he is done with me forever. he said that it wasn't anything I did. is this my fault? can I do anything now to get him back? he cheated on me but I forgave him. I love him very much.

  • There's nothing you can do, too much damage has been done.
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  • It's possible in the future he may want to hang out again.
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  • Anything's possible. Honestly you could have acted a lot worse. What you need to do is make yourself the girl every guy wants. Be happy within yourself, love yourself, learn new things, work out. Be amazing. But most of all be happy without him, show him that you're happy without him.
    A month seems to be the magic amount of time, so don't reply or contact him during this time, no matter what he says or tries just ignore it. Use this time to work on yourself. Make him realise that he's had his chances with that old version, now create the best version of yourself.