What are some signs that an ex wants you back OR either still has feelings for you?


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  • Tough one - I would be inclined to say that they are acting like they have a crush on you - Plus depending on how break up happened they are making adjustments/amends/representations to counteract the reason for breakup.


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  • There are plenty of signs. Even though task broke up. They may still care. So they might text you a good morning/night text. Since it's close to Valentine's day. He might surprise you with something you like. she might give you a letter about how life been with out you. Call sometimes to get things off his or her chest. Sometime that their friends might say something about it. From body language, as they walk toward you. They facial expressions when they talk to you. How and what they focus on while you are talking. Try to be friends and build it up from there.


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  • I guess he follows you around like a sad puppy!

  • Um.

    If you're still getting e-mails, phone calls, text messages or Facebook private messages from your ex, then he is still very interested.

    Random drop-ins at home, school or the office definitely indicate that love is still alive at least, on your ex's side.


  • 1. he is still texting/calling you
    2. he bumps up at places where you are a lot
    3. he tells other people he misses you / wants you back
    4. he party's all night to cope with his pain
    5. he drinks a lot
    6. he tells you
    7. he has a rebound
    8. he stays single for a very long time
    9. he tries to make you jealous
    10. he wants to be friends because he still wants you in his life
    11. he gives you presents
    12. he acts very emotional to you ( angry/sad )

  • Not too sure because you could provide us with more detail. But often one person needs closure..