Dealing with getting your stuff back from an ex?

I have to go and retrieve my things back from my ex soon. I have a lot of animosity towards my ex because for the time that we were together (almost a year and a half) he was emotionally abusive towards me and just very nasty. Now that I have finally found the light and can see the type of guy he is, I am so beyond pissed that he had treated me this way and done what he did to me. I know I am stronger and more mature than to put my hands on him, but there is so much I want to say to him because of that animosity and I am a very vendictive person. I really want my things back which I know he will not send to me, but I am not sure how to deal with this built up anger that I have. Help?

Well he said he was going to set it on fire so...


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  • is it expensive stuff? if it not (forget about it)
    you made a lot of sacrifices in that relationship and I don't recommend you to take step back to say things that won't change anything except creating a psychological war and end with hurting yourself.
    this is the time to correct your mistakes, not to make things get worse.


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  • You go through the police. They will be the middle men and you get you're stuff without ever having to deal with him


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