If you ask your ex out for dinner because "you need to talk"?

Does it mean you want to get back together or that you want closure?

My ex said she wanted to see me tonight because we need to talk about some things.

We broke up months ago and since then we've seen each other once, in awful circumstances (something happened and she was there for me...)

What do you think she wants? do I have a chance or will she tell me to get out of her life forever?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • It could be either, or it could be something else entirely. All you can do is go and see what happens.

    • Yeah haha but i don't know... from experience or from what you've heard, what's the most common scenario?

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    • I know stuff with exes can be very stressful and intense. Just try to relax. You'll know what she wants to talk about soon enough!

    • Thank you :)

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What Guys Said 4

  • It sounds to me like she wants closure. I'd consider seeing her.
    on a very non-related side note, pooping isn't supposed to be sexy and so your pic has me confused...

  • I usually do it when I am banging her lol

  • I'd never do it. I'd just think they were going to exact revenge or something.

  • Probably Hurd a rumor your pregnant and is wondering if it his

    • lol you didn't even read the question, did you?

    • Ovously not close enough my bad

What Girls Said 1

  • Who knows. Maybe it could be she want to stay friends or something.

    • From experience or from what you've heard, what's the most common scenario?

    • I have no exeperience and haven't heard anything like this happening. Usually the ex never calls or talks back!