People successful with getting back with ex?

id like to hear people who were successful at getting back with a ex bf/gf. what they did, how did it happen, what led up to it, how they started to "date" again...did you break up - see other people, then reunite? how long after the break up did you reunite(week,month(s),year(s))? when you got back together, did the changes that need to be met (maybe maturity) actually change or was it just a mistake? did you break up or did they break up with you? how did your relationship end at first? what brought you both back to one another...

just trying to get an idea if I have a chance with my ex again...shes currently "seeing" someone and that's all I really know - don't know how serious they are, I was doing great at moving on and accepting everything, then she told me she's seeing someone out of no where and it brought me back to thinking about her, what they could be doing, does she love him like she loved me...I'm trying to move on - knowing successful stories of people getting back together will help ease my mind weather it actually happens with me or not - I'm just upset about her telling me she's seeing someone that makes her glad she's happy, but what I don't know can't hurt me right - IMO.. I wouldn't have cared if I found out in like 2-3 weeks but she told me when I was at the point of saying 'whatever' she just did it a week or 2 too early...but anyways any successful stories out there? the outcome of getting back together?


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  • Best thing, in my opinion, for you: Moving on from her to someone new

    How to accomplish that the easiest way: Stop talking to her completely.

    Getting back with an ex is easy as long as the reason for your breakup was on their behalf; if you're the one that messed up, it won't be as easy as it was for me. My "other half" slept with my best friend, which left her feeling horrible but she still loved me, and I still love her. But at the same time, we are not dating currently due to a mutual decision that it has tainted my opinions of how I feel about her.

    - That covers "what they did, how did it happen" in a vague sense as to why we broke up. Here's how I approached getting back together with her.

    I moved on for about 6 months, and found happiness within myself. I started to see new people and found that they weren't what I truly wanted. When I finally realised it was her that I wanted, I decided to give it another shot, which she had already been longing for. So I told her bluntly about my feelings: "I've come to a conclusion that I'm happiest when I'm with you, do you feel the same way?"... Of course she lept for the opportunity and said "Yes" but at the same time, I wasn't truly happy with her, I just thought I was.

    - This covers "what led up to it, how they started to "date" again...did you break up - see other people, then reunite? how long after the break up did you reunite(week,month(s),year(s))?" vaguely as well.

    The initial breakups were from childish errors of "I want to see my opportunities" and other retarded things like listening to friends opinions on my relationship; however, our final breakup was due to my feelings for her. I was lazy and didn't want to put in effort to the relationship as much as I truly could have because of her sleeping with my best friend. It left me in such a hurting stage that I literally couldn't rationalize why I even cared for her anymore, yet I knew that my feelings were true and that I really did care, like when we started dating. Our final breakup was initiated with her not feeling that love, where I gave the ultimatum "I'm tired of breaking up and getting back together. If we break up this time, it's permanently over. No more. It's messing with my heart and the way I care about you, and your making some rash decisions when we aren't together that make me feel like I'm a convenience for you" - which was me standing up for myself and the relationship.

    Ultimately, we broke up. Things may have changed within her, but not within myself. I still felt like I did about a year ago, and she treated me great but had several traits I wasn't happy with. She is a GREAT individual, don't get me wrong. But not for me.

    I learned a lot, and I encourage those with patience to try what I did, if they have the ability to learn. IF and ONLY they have that ability. Not to just get hurt, but to learn for when you find the true person you care about..

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • My case is, well - I screwed up, I lost her trust by talking with other girls. not hooking up, but occassionaly flirting..not being sure about our relationship at one point, taking her for granted with the way she loved me...ive stayed NC for a week and a half, she texted me some stuff last week but I ignored it...i think she may be seeing someone? does this mean I'm done for good? - we broke up about 2 months ago - I've done a lot of moving on and getting out living my life and am getting happier

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    • Make it seem like I'm not needy or desperate, which I'm not, I do miss the attention from my girlfriend and all but ur 100% right as well as that guy...i can't be someone I'm not, I know for a fact she's attracted to me and always will be, I just gotta get her to fall for me again, but not with me trying so hard - just playing cool and make her realize who I am again by being myself and doing what we used to do before we dated and being open minded but also not as selfish...

    • You're learning. :)

      If you need assistance, let me know and I will try my best to help you. Sorry, today is one of my days off from work, so I keep answers shorter than normal because I don't wanna be stuck writing forever.

      Regardless, Just be yourself man. It's all you have in this world, and all about you. Don't be a cocky jerk- your opportunities will run from you. And don't be a pushover. ... Be yourself.

      I'll talk with you soon, it's been a pleasure.

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