People successful with getting back with ex?

id like to hear people who were successful at getting back with a ex bf/gf. what they did, how did it happen, what led up to it, how they started to "date" again...did you break up - see other people, then reunite? how long after the break up did you reunite(week,month(s),year(s))? when you got back together, did the changes that need to be met (maybe maturity) actually change or was it just a mistake? did you break up or did they break up with you? how did your relationship end at first? what brought you both back to one another...

just trying to get an idea if I have a chance with my ex again...shes currently "seeing" someone and that's all I really know - don't know how serious they are, I was doing great at moving on and accepting everything, then she told me she's seeing someone out of no where and it brought me back to thinking about her, what they could be doing, does she love him like she loved me...I'm trying to move on - knowing successful stories of people getting back together will help ease my mind weather it actually happens with me or not - I'm just upset about her telling me she's seeing someone that makes her glad she's happy, but what I don't know can't hurt me right - IMO.. I wouldn't have cared if I found out in like 2-3 weeks but she told me when I was at the point of saying 'whatever' she just did it a week or 2 too early...but anyways any successful stories out there? the outcome of getting back together?
People successful with getting back with ex?
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