My friend is dating my ex?

I was with him for 4 years and he broke up with me a year ago, because he didn't want to be in a relationship anymore. Just stupid excuses like "it's not you it's me", etc. I was really devestated but I survived somehow. And this girl was our friend. We all hanged out occasionally, with other group of friends. Her boyfriend was also our friend but they broke up like 2 years ago. She was a really good friend to me, but we kind of lost contact after she started working abroad. And the two of them were really just always friends, we were always one big family, my boyfriend (now ex) and her's were even closer friends. After my ex and I broke up, basically the whole "family" fell apart. I didn't stay in touch with him, but I bumped into him a week ago and we had to have a small talk like how you've been and stuff like that. And he told me that Suzy is back and how he is surprised that she came back. I asked him if he talked to her and he said no. Well since he already told me she is back I contacted her and we had a coffee and we talked and it was great. I told her about our break up and she was very suportive, but then she told me how he already told her everything, and I was confused. She told me she is playing some video game with him lately, but it never crossed my mind that they would do it. Then few days later she posts a picture of two of them kissing... I feel like crap. It feels like break up all over again. They both have no cheek or dignity. I feel betrayed and like a fool. I keep thinking about all those years we were all together and wonder if he didn't really looked at her as a friend. I feel I was cheated all along...


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  • It's really hard but if you don't want him back then you need to completely cut all forms of contact with both of them and move on. If you still have feelings and want him back, keep in contact but distant. They're going through the honeymoon phase atm. It always ends, and maybe he was simply curious about her. What you should do next depends entirely on what you want. Do you want him back?

    • No, I don't want him back. At least not right now. His reasons were clear enough, he is immature and he doesn't want commit. He was and still is very aware of what he lost in order to live carefree. He tried to keep me in his life as "friend" and he still tells people how much he misses me and he always asks about me. But only as a "friend", not as a girlfriend. I don't want to be friends, that's why I did cut off forms of contact with him. He knows what I want and what I deserve, and if he can't give me that he should stay away from me. He still didn't try to get back together, so there's my answer. And this thing he did with her... just proves how immature he still is. Did it HAD to be someone I'm good friends with? It's just disrespectful. So far I was always polite to him when we bump into each, but now I don't feel like being polite anymore. He is not even aware of how wrong this is... and how much it can hurt.

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