Please help me... this hurts so bad?

we're 17. he's my first boyfriend. we've been together for 4 months. I haven't told anyone that i haven't felt much for him for a while. We told each other we loved each other on month two (i know it was stupid but i felt it. i really did. But for months now, I've just been convincing myself i love him. Im his mother. he doesn't listen when i say no. he's controlling and annoying. im just not attracted to him anymore. but he is a good person. I love him. But im not in love with him. I've talked to my friends. told them how i felt. and they all started coming up with how they really dont like him anymore either so im not wrong for what i have to do. I have to break up with him. but now for the first time in months, i feel something for him. I hurt. so bad. every good memory is just flooding back to me and hitting me like a ton of bricks. but i kknow i need to let him go. He deserves to have someone in love with him and i deserve to be with someone i am in love with. I just... it hurts so bad. and i dont want to hurt him. i dont want him to cry. but it needs to happen. please, someone just help me.


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  • Don't go back to him trust me it's a mistake. We all feel this way and start to miss our ex's. We think of all the good times and the reasons why we loved them in the first place and what it would be like if we were with them again. But he's not a good guy there's always going to be that reason you left him and it will always be there. And chances are he hasn't changed

    • thank you. i needed to hear that. any advice on how to stop the pain?

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    • thank you so much:)

    • Np I hope I was able to help

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  • Its only 4 months...
    but things aside its going to hurt as you did care