Was this a good way to get back at this guy?

so i was talking to this guy in the holidays i was super desperate for some reason I don't know why but when he asked for bra picks i sent it, super fcuking stupid i know. and im 15 and he is 14. so after a week i told him i liked this other guy and stopped talking to him for a week. then i started talking to him for 2 months and in thoes months i sent like full nudes and he did to and our convos got super deep. and i started to really like him then we made out and stuff. then after a week he told me he was only using me and i lost my fcuking shiit. i messeged this girl saying that he was telling people that she was sending him full nudes ( which he was actully was saying saying) and she lost her shiit at him and now her and all her friends dont like him and she goes to a differnt school. i have also been telling people that he has a small diick and posting hot selfies and my friends have been tagging him saying that im hot and that he missed out of a good oppotunity


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  • Ahhhh when I was 15 I had a friend do this to another girl... the best advice i can give you? Let it go. Thats right. As much as you want to (and rightfully so) exact revenge on this ass, rather just leave it. Don't entertain his immaturity. Guys who do this to girls don't last long in the long run.

    Also, you were sending nudes to him, and I can understand that you feel violated. What I'm saying is have more respect and love for yourself. Don't send nudes to guys, no matter how often they ask. The only person you should send such to is your boyfriend (who isn't like this guy).

    Focus on yourself, your life, and your academic career. Those things will help you in the long run. As for this guy, let karma take its course.

    Take care and stay safe :)


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