Should I just move on?

So my boyfriend i broke up about 4 months. We fought a lot and even after breaking up we would still have our fights. We got in a fight and we didn't end up talking for 2 weeks. I decided to be an adult & text him since he apoligized and i nevwe texted him back. He replied with 'call me' i did and he was like whos this i told him it was me and he was like oh hey! I gotta go and hung up on me he texted me today and we had a normal convo. He called me and i didn't pick up. Why is he messaging me again? May he still have feelings?


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  • If y'all are fighting as much as this. Maybe it's time to let him go. It seems like he's just playing with your head.

    • Yeah he's done that in the past a couple times. He's just immature. I'm just gonna block his number.

    • Good for you! Find someone who will appreciate you for you.

    • I agree with this response. It doesn't seem too healthy to keep this individual in your life, so I would probably let him go if I were in your shoes.

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  • It sounds like a toxic relationship. I know it's difficult but right now you need to think what's best for you. Are you less stressed now you're apart? I remember missing one of my ex's but realising after about a month that i was happier and less stressed without him. Sure we loved each other, but it was too volatile. We were complete opposites.
    He is messaging you again because he's curious about what you're doing, and who you're seeing. He still cares to some extent. Now this is your decision whether to get back together and try again, but really think it through. Do you want to go through a relationship constantly fighting and being unhappy, until one of you cheats on the other? Or do you really think that both of you can change and compromise more? You need to set boundaries on what you're willing to accept.

  • yes move along along!