Will she ever regret hurting me this much and leaving? Will she ever want me back?

this is what happened
-dated for 2 years
-said I was the love of his life and I was perfect, talked about marriage
-dumped me
-told me she still loved me
-had sex with another guy a week after
-said we would get back together
-strung me along for 10 months
-admitted to having used me for sex
-cut things off for good, said no hope for a future together
-says I need to move on

will she ever regret this?

  • Nope. No hope left. Move on.
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  • Possibly. Go NC and see if she misses you after realizing what she lost.
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  • Even if she does regret it, who cares? She cheated!! Not a good person!
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What Guys Said 1

  • No, she will not. You shouldn't be even thinking about this woman, just live your life.


What Girls Said 1

  • This depends entirely on whether or not you want her back. Cheating in my opinion is the worst thing that you can ever do to someone, physical or emotional. But we all hold that high and mighty viewpoint until we're in that situation.
    My advice would be to do the no contact for a month. Ignore all of her attempts at contact unless she's saying she misses you and wants you back etc. If it's just a simple hi, ignore it. Your emotions are extremely heightened atm. You need time for logic to kick in, and really think things through. It will also give you the time apart to work on yourself and heal, take some time and really think is she what you want? Do you think she'll ever change? Are you willing to risk her cheating again, if you get back in a relationship together? You need to be 110% certain of your answers to those questions before you even think about getting back together.
    So the question isn't whether she wants you back or not. It's the question of if you want her back.

    • we broke up last May, so 9 months ago. we stayed in touch on and off until two weeks ago she said she has no feelings and probably won't see me again. However, before she went to college in July she said the same thing, that she was done for good and didn't want to see me again. but then when she was visiting in November we started to hang out again and hook up for two months. what do you think?

    • I honestly think that she's messing around with you in that case. Maybe she has some feelings left, but it's not enough for her to want to be with you, but there might be a chance that she can see you in a new light and you can build attraction. Since it's been 9 months i think you have two options. Either move on completely and cut all contact (you need to set your own boundaries of whether you're willing to accept this treatment). Or contact her and try to be friends and work up from there (no sex until you're in a relationship, she'll just use you for that if you give in). Try a couple of texts a day, then build up to 15. Then move to phone calls, then suggest meeting in person. Take it really slowly. If she doesn't reply for at least a few days, go into no contact for 21 days. Show her that you're not completely available and won't tolerate being treated in this way.