Why is my ex getting close with mutual friends?

I met my ex on the last job and I quit bc of him (I know it sounds stupid but the job was only temporary tho)... There I met some friends who still work there, and one of them was responsible for telling him things I never wanted him. to know. After that he sent me a nasty message (despite I cut all thr contact with him) and now he is getting closer to those mutual friends, not all the new people in the work but only those which are mutual friends with me... Is there a reason for that? I blocked him so he has no. chance to contact me and neither answered to his last nasty message... Help pls...

I've also received lately almost every day a fake profile request on Fb...


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  • He's wanting to get in touch with you. Or he's simply curious about what you're doing, and who you're seeing. Ask your mutual friends to see what kind of questions he's asking them, see if the conversation involves you a lot. If he's asking about you, that could be a sign he wants to get in touch.


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