My mom is hounding me to just let him go?

So me and my boyfriend broke up after lots of fighting and some little break ups and my mom is hounding me to just let him go and I don't want that. He is my everything and I gave him everything I Had don't know what I should do?


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  • i was in the SAME situation a month ago and belive me you should listen to your mom and let him go. My mom said the same thing about me and my girlfriend who were together for threeyears and I did everything to make her happy and more. I told myself that I would never forget her and that I have no choice to make this work which is WRONG!

    Next couple weeks I completely forgot about her and it felt being single again I feel great now! she tried so hard to get back with me and I text her occasionally but now I have more options which are better. trust me listen to you momits for the better MOMS KNOW BEST! lollllll

    • How come you forgot about her since u'd loved her so much? wouldn't people usually suffer a lotta pain to move on?

      and if you had no feelings for her why do you still text her?

    • Because you have to realise that he ain't going to find someone like you. I am able to sleep with biggest smile on my face that she can NEVER replace me. your worth more than that. just give it a week or two without talking watch how you feel after

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  • Listen to your mom. You guys broke up after what sounds like lots of problems, move on. A healthy, long term relationship does not have constant fighting and problems. Yeah there are hiccups along the way, but from your description you two just weren't meant to be. You'll meet someone better.


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  • well if you truly love him you won't cave in!maybe tell her hey exept it or not!you haved to live your life its always hard when your family doesn't see why you like this guy!but it is your choice and if you love him stick it out!


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