What does it mean when a guy says they don't want to see you with anyone else?

me and this guy were dating for a couple of months and then he broke up with me for this other girl but then the girl started cheating on him so it wasn't working out... and now he's asking for me back and says the reason why he wants me back is because he doesn't want to see me with anyone else...also when he and the girl were dating he still said these things (he was even willing to be my boyfriend on the side even though he knew I had another boyfriend) ...is he being sincere


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  • My head is spinning from reading that last sentence. Doesn't sound like someone I would put much faith in. He left you for another girl, then tells you he would like to have her and have you too, and now that things did not work out with her, he wants you back.

    If these are not clear warning signs, I don't know what would be. Stay clear of this one!


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  • He's probably serious about not wanting to see you with anyone else, but that doesn't mean he doesn't see himself with every girl he meets. If he's willing to cheat on a girl to be with you, than he'll cheat on you with another girl. Don't trust him, he's not worth your time and you can find someone that will treat you right.

  • He is being selfish he left ou for another girl that right there says that he doesn't really see himself being with you for anything long term(let alone a year). Forget it tell him to find someone else and move on


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