Am I wrong for wanting to end it because of this?

I've been friends with benefits with this guy for about 7 months but we've only ever had sex once, when we initially started it. Other than that its just been sexting. Every time I would ask him if we could meet up soon he would suddenly stop responding. He says he doesn't get my messages (which I partly believe because he showed me screenshots of his phone just fucking up his messages) but it's literally been almost every time I've asked him. He's only made plans to meet up again once after the 1st time, but I had to cancel on him. He also will take like 8+ hours to respond to me, even if it was important, and sometimes will read the message and never answer. The few times I've brought this up -- because it puts a damper on the friendship because we rarely see each other anymore -- he gets angry. But I've never confronted him angrily, just wanted to talk about how we can fix the problems that have arisen. I've understood completely that he doesn't have time to do much because he has two jobs and a child, but every time I've suggested we just break it off because it's not working he just doesn't answer me or tells me he won't have the conversation over text, but then refuses to talk on the phone or meet up in person.

We got into an argument about a week ago and he basically made me feel like I've been making a fool out of myself this entire time because he told me that during our last argument, he said to stop my flirting. When we got back on good terms, since he never talks about any of this, I assumed he said that out of anger and when I started making advances again, they were partly reciprocated. Sometimes they would be completely, and sometimes they wouldn't be at all. So I was confused.

Do you guys think I was wrong in this situation? He keeps telling me I turn things back around on him all the time. I just feel like he's been dragging me along without ever answering my questions. Am I wrong for being upset with the fact that he doesn't define


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  • the golden rule in that relationship is no one will hurt you without your permission (make you sad, upset, break you down or break your heart).
    you let him dragging you cuz you accept his rule (friends with benefits).

    trust your instincts.

  • You're concerned about breaking something off of the wrong reason but it sounds like you don't really have much to break off


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