I finally did it. After two years of struggling to move on from my ex while the other person feels nothing. I finally feel like I finally moved on! I just had one more support from someone that made me feel better. I've been keeping this a secret about my past and never opened up to someone rlly. Just talked it about it about once or twice then the rest kept it hoping I'll move on. Ik I may be young and all. But this mistake was unexpected. But I learned. You're never too late to learn either.


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  • finally you start understand your priorities, what do you want and what do you need.
    congratulations =)
    thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    Good luck..


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  • Congrats! I've seen some of your posts about your ex and I will say I'm proud of you. Now go be happy!

    • Thank you! I can finally stop wondering the unanswered questions and forget about them cuz they happened 😊

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