Could This Be The Ultimate Friendzone Move?

My ex called me about an hour ago with no one else to go to. We talk every so often & i'm always there to help her but this time she pretty much asked me why she can't sleep with other guys after only being with one guy (we went out for 2 years & never slept together but we're planning on it). I helped her figure it out the best I could but the problem is she knows I've wanted her back for a while but i keep helping her with her problems.

Have I painted myself in the friendzone corner that I can't get out of? If I did how can I get out of it & become a player on her field instead of a coach? Or at LEAST get a spot as one of the starting twelve?


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  • You're 'friend-zoning' yourself by continuing and seemingly knowingly being her emotional crutch whenever she needs it, even though you're aware she has no interest in reciprocating your interest in rekindling your former relationship.

    There's nothing you can really do to get another shot with her than bring it up directly.

    • Do not bring it up to her directly. That's a long conversation that you will lose. Just change your behavior.

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    • @AmongTheApples lol isn't having a sense of false hope that it's something more what makes being friend zoned so much worse for many?

      I just think that confronting the issue head on would be much better. It won't change her mind on anything that isn't already decided on, but will spare him spending even more time worrying on where she stands.

    • Hmmm. It can be done. But you're probably right that he can't pull it off. If that's the case, he has to decide if he's willing to accept just friendship with her. If he is, then he could have the talk with her. If he's not, then he should just move on.

  • Welcome to the friend zone buddy! 🤗 Sadly there is no welcome wagon icon. Stupid Apple iPad!. ☹️ She is not going to start seeing you as anything other than a friend, unless you stop acting as the friend. Next time she comes over for advice, tell her that you like her as more than a friend, and it wouldn't be right to be her shoulder to cry on.


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  • dude don't believe her