What's your break up song? You know the one you listen to over and over again after a break up?

I need a new one. My last one kind of fits this situation but not entirely.
It's funny I was looking for a break up song but instead I found a theme song for how I feel right now.

https://ww w. you tube. co m/watch? v=lftamazUObA


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  • I don't have one. I only know one guy who did. He was a roommate of mine (and a shipmate too, five of us lived together off the ship).

    His song was the Eagles "Take it to the Limit". He must have played that song 50 times in a row on his stereo when he and his girlfriend broke up. (50 times in a row really is "taking it to the limit" too -- the rest of us had to get out of the house.)

    Here it is:


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  • "After the Hurricane " by Jazmine Sullivan
    "I Rather Go Blind" ' Etta James or Beyonce version
    "Straight Jacket Feeling" All American Rejects
    "I Wish I Wasn't In Love With You" Heather Headley
    "Seven Whole Days " Toni Braxton


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