Would you tell your ex-special person that you have got a boyfriend/girlfriend?

I dated a guy two months ago until his ex came to him and he was hesitating to choose me or his ex, so I was hurt badly until my current boyfriend suddenly came to my country and asked me if I would be his girlfriend. I really liked my boyfriend before so I said yes.
I told that guy that I am moving on and our relationship is end, he said okay but he still likes me and then he disappeared for two weeks.
Now he's trying to reach me out again, he texts me asking me about my daily life, and he mentioned that he misses me.
I don't know what to do, I want to be friends with him sincerely, but I think if I tell him that I've got a boyfriend he might be hurt.
What do you usually do when facing this situation?


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  • I have done it, yes.

    • So are you and that girl still friends?

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    • ohh then that's not friendship haha. so why? i am curious haha

    • She has some reasons to be ashamed, reasons few people know about, me excepted.
      That makes her a bit uneasy towards me.
      It's not a deep friendship but I don't hold any grudge and she has a good opinion about me.

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  • There's nothing like 'ex-special' person. They are either special to you or they are not. Now, you have got a boyfriend, so I really hope that this previous person is not special to you. Moreover, hiding about your relationship is not only disrespectful to your current boyfriend, but it might give unnecessary hopes to this other guy as well. I will suggest that you should perhaps cut him off. It will be better for him and your current relationship otherwise this situation might create unnecessary complications in your current relationship.

    • Yeah he's not special to me now, I just sincerely want to be friends with him, though it might difficult. I didn't contact him initially, and I post some pics that shows obviously that I am with someone, I have no idea how wouldn't he notice=_=
      I don't want to hide the fact that I've got a boyfriend, but I don't know how to tell him as he didn't ask me?

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    • Ohh you got the point that I didn't think about, yeah my boyfriend might mind! okay I will try to ask about his relationship statust, thank you!

    • Welcome :) Hope things work out fine for you. Just don't put your current relationship at stake due to someone in the past.

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  • Yeah like this:

    "We're just friends, what are you saying?
    cuz there's another cock in my eye,
    I had sex for the first time, and I was like...
    Baby baby baby OOOOOOOHHHH
    Baby baby baby NOOOOOOOOO!!!"

    • can't understand what are you saying@@

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  • Usually yes, if they're over stepping the line and talk about missing me (more than a friend which is most of the time) you have to correct him, and or make it known not to disrespect the relationship. In your case yes I would, but if my ex boyfriend and I weren't in contact then no.

    • Yeah just I can't find an opportunity to tell him, do you think maybe when I post me and my bf's photo on ig then he will understand? I am not sure if it's a better way... don't know how to do that would not ruin our freindship

    • Yes usually that will be assumed!

    • okay I will try. Thanks!

  • Nah. Odds are they are an ex for a reason. By telling him that I'm with someone else, that just sounds petty.

  • Yes..

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