What should I do?

There is a guy who I have dated three times for a week at a time. He seems to break up after about a week and has no reason. I know he had his heart broken before but I have too and I told him that. In front of only me he is so sweet but in front of a class he is rude. I still like him for some reason but I am afraid that this relationship will never grow past a week! What should I do?


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  • you should talk to this guy...

    don't be affraid to open up about how you feel just don't go too deep into detail about sertain things. and WHATEVER you do DON'T burst into tears infront of him!


  • You should tell him this, maby he's afraid to be in a long relationship some people are. Just tell him that you really like him and you want to have a real relationship, and if he doesn't then you can only move on. :)


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