How long to get over an ex?

I know everybody is different.. But it's been 2 months for me nearly since we split and deep down I don't feel no different or better. We went no contact until he tried to call and message me the other day asking if I would want him to bring some belongings of mine back which I had forgot about. Now I feel worse and just want to know how long this will take. We were together nearly 4 years.


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  • Haha 2 months is nothing. I actually felt better after 2 months then after like 6 months. My ex and I were together for 4 years as well and we broke up a year ago. I'm still not over him. We are not in contact and I don't have any hope or desire for getting back together, but still... it's hard. There are weeks when I'm totally fine, not thinking about him at all, and then there are days when I think about him all and miss him all the time. It really depends on circumstances. I think I'm not over him yet because I haven't found anyone else yet. The moment I fall in love with someone new, it's gonna be the moment I'm gonna get over my ex. :)


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  • It will take awhile longer is you wallow. Just live your life


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