Why can't love be enough?

I met my (ex) boyfriend when I started working on the boat he was the mate of. We knew immediately that we had a an intense attraction and a special connection.

Cardinal rule of yachting: "don't screw the crew!" Under no other circumstance would couples start a relationship living together.

But it he got me, he stole my heart from the start. Our first kiss he told me, "Sadie Sara Dawson, that has a nice ring to it."

I truly thought this time, this guy, it was going to be different. I have always kept up a brick wall around my heart, never letting boys in. But I let it down for him. I trusted him and he had my whole heart. I wanted to let him in.

We fell in love so quickly. Constantly wondering how we got so lucky? I had a little freak out about 2 weeks in. I was scared, wondering what the heck I was doing and what am I doing with him? Thinking it was all crazy, and I was delusional! He took me in his arms and said "I have never been more sure of anything in my life." That brought me back.

He had a trip home to California planned before we met. We knew to tread carefully, so we decided not to sleep together until he got back, by then we would have been together for a month. We wanted our relationship to not just be physical, he told me he didn't want to ruin what we have. It was hard, but I so proud of myself for waiting - it was worth it.

When he got back, he was a different guy. We talked and he told me that he felt needed time off from the boat. He had been working onboard for 3 years, without an extended break. He was feeling trapped, unhappy. Seeing his family made him realize how much he had miss them. My spidey senses were saying end it. He is checking out, any day now. This guy isn't sure what he wants, you can't fix him. I instead chose to ignore this bright red flag.

Yachting can really stink! You start hating that your life revolves around someone else's life.


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