Moving out from my ex's watching friends, would he be mad?

So we broke up and were 2gethr for a long time lived 2gether. he moved out when we broke up but I still live with our roommates (his friends). I have not dated since we broke up (almost a yr) because it would be weird. They keep tabs on me for him and his emotions toward me seem back and fourth. I'm planning on moving out soon, and I know it will get back to him. I still care about him, and was wondering if he would finally feel like he was losing me for good, because he couldn't make sure I wasn't dating anymore or what I'm up to.

when I move out I plan on dating again, but I don't wanna COMPLETELY ruin our chances if he does make up his mind about me.I'm hoping moving out will have him open his eyes and if not move on.What do you guys think?


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  • No, he won't be mad.


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