Ex is trying to hurt my feelings after a break up?

I messed up last weekend. Nothing to major or malicious, but he ended up breaking up with me. We've been in communication for the last few days. He's called me a few times. Basically every time we talk it's as though he's trying to hurt my feelings. He says when he calls that we can just 'have a good time and talk.' I had asked him to not see other girls for a while just out of respect. He texted me yesterday saying he's going on a date on Wednesday and that he's 'found a good one this time.' I guess I'm just worried it means he never really cared? Feeling like someone I put so much effort and energy into doesn't care about me, feels really bad man.


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  • Sounds like he's being a major asshole, but at the same time it's only fair that you explain what you did wrong to get him to break up..


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  • Check out exboyfriendrecovery
    Even if you don't want him back, one article decodes what he really means when he says stuff (like that). Really great, check it out and you'll see what I mean


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