Why is my ex spreading rumors?

So me and my ex broke up a month ago it's been really rocky month. He came the other night broke into my house pushed me (I'm 35 weeks pregnant with his child) he then stole my phone took off to his new girlfriends house. I called the cops next day he's getting charged with domestic.. Anyways I've been out of work because of him.. he works there to and my question is. Why is he now spreading rumors about me? Like he moved on with his life why does he feel the need to talk about me?


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  • what did you do?

    • What do you mean?

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    • I caught him cheating we decided to work things out. Couple days later he left me for that girl. I didn't talk to him I just told him I wanted to be civil. He kept texting me bs saying he was gonna take my son away... I ignored him then one night he came thought I was back with my ex he pushed me stole my phone I called the cops. . I haven't spoken to him but I hear now he's spreading rumors.. like why is he doing that?

    • if you didn't have a kid I'd tell you not to worry but
      okay he's dangerous right now you have his son
      yes he really will hurt you for his child don't think twice about he's holding back right now
      but if he wanted he could kill you, grab his son and leave, once a kid is involved it gets very real, there's two things you can do put a restraining order on him for a while, but there's two possible outcomes to restraining order
      he will walk away you will be a single mother
      or he will get even more dangerous more violent, so this is tricky and not something easy
      cause mothers have killed fathers and fathers have killed mothers for there child, and don't even worry about the rumors

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  • Because he's a dick. By the way when your child is born, don't let him see it he doesn't deserve to have kids

  • He's got issues with himself that's probably why.


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