Help!!! How would you interpret or take this as?

You like someone of the opposite sex and just to see what they say you make a comment like "you don't plan stuff with me because you don't like me". In response to that they just sigh and kiss you (even though you might of initiated the kiss).

How would interpret that or how would you take it?
Help please!!!
Guys help me understand please!!!


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  • well I would say if you kissed it is all good. I imagine he just thought it was just some fun teasing. Good luck

    • Does that mean he likes me or what

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    • I don't get how your not a couple, u kiss, cuddle and hold hands.

    • I don't know

What Girls Said 1

  • Hmm tricky I would think they think what I say is untrue however we sometimes need words to believe.


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