Why did my ex moved on so quick?

My ex and I broke up over a month ago, and during that time after two weeks of our break up he already had another girlfriend and even moved in with her. He doesn't mention her at all or posts stuff about her on FB. He still has my posts, my pics and still says engaged on his status. What's up with that?


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  • He hasn't gotten around to deleting you yet. He was probably cheating on you with her. It won't last because the other knows he's a cheater

    • He's already unfriended me, but still has all the posts on FB and all my family are still on his friends list.

    • I wouldn't read into that. Forget him

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  • He probably was talking to her prior to your break up unfortunately.


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  • It could just be a past friend who just happens to be female. Girls aren't the only ones who can have girls as friends. OR it could be he's excepted the fact its over and is just moving on.


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  • Sounds like a rebound.

    • What is a rebound?

    • A rebound is when someone takes the first girl/guy they can and have a relationship. Basically, they fill the void with someone else. It's usually someone who looks the polar opposite of you - if you are fat, she'll be thin, blonde/brunette/ etc. Sometimes they are the spitting image, but it's more often someone goes in their mind "well it didn't work with her so someone completely different it will work".
      Often as well with rebounds the relationship goes like the clappers and everything happens far quicker than it should. People move in faster, get engaged faster, etc. Now, a rebound USUALLY lasts a month or two and fizzles out as quickly as it started, however, sometimes rebounds are successful.

      I wouldn't be too worried. See how it goes. Enjoy yourself for a couple of months and check if they are still dating.

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