My ex holds strong feelings of hate towards me?

i had a really bad break up with my ex girlfriend she moved on after about 4 months of us being broke up i seen her in our local town a year after our break up she walked over to me and punched me i really hurt her when we split up when we were together everything was private with this new guy she posts photos and makes statuses about how happy she is she has also tried to tell me she never loved me this is immature but i said the only wy i would believe her if she swore down on her littles boys life she couldnt do it and changed the sbject completely she sent a message 4 days later which i will copy and paste now

(Hi i don't know if you will get this email im not too sure if i blocked it, im sorry about
the weekend you honestly don't know how much you have put me through and the hate rid i
have towards you its unreal, but i think in time when i have calmed down maybe we both
should be grown up about it and have a chat after all we both have to live around here)

i really don't understand after a year she still has all this hate towards me.


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  • Clearly she hasn't moved on and really hates you. I think she really cared for you and you broke her heart.


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  • You totally broke her heart she's still not over you if she was, she would be indifferent towards you not punch you


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