It has been 3 months already and he still brings me up randomly in convos with his friends?

Why do you guys do this?
I mean after all, his friends and him are hanging out with some girls who are easy and hoes. And he says that he is just having "fun". Yet he finds ways to bring me up in his conversations with friends. He says something and how it was a good memory. Ain't he over me. I mean he hasn't even reached out to me at all. All he does is follow me on instagram despite me having unfollowed him on everything
Why do exes still bring up their ex gf/ex bfs after some months?


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  • Why? He knows his friends will relay any mention he makes about you and somehow, some way, it will make its way back to you.

    • I only have one friend, and she is a girl and she hangs out with them. Why mention me? What motive

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    • My answer still stands.

    • so even after that breakup he still would do that. interesting. and yeah we dont talk. deleted him off my social media

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  • He's not over you

    • You think so? Because I have found out that his 6 friends are hanging out with 5/6 girls on the weekends. Getting drunk and doing stuff (hand jobs, blow jobs, and who knows). And he has never reached out to me. Sounds to me like he is

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