What shall I do?

I broke up with my partner about 2 weeks ago, but he still hasn't spoken to me about it, prior to that he started to ignore me the day before my birthday, even on my birthday I heard nothing from him, and when it came to the day of my party, he didn't show up after saying he was going to be there, his called him and ask if he was coming he said no and also was asked if wanted to speak to me but he said no... So I text him that night after not texting for a few days and said are you coming out tonight but nothing, he done this before New Year's Eve but his excuse was his phone wasn't working, in the end I broke it off with him but he still hasn't spoke me... I haven't messaged seen then and he's also deleted me off snapchat... Shall I just leave?
*since then


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  • You broke up with him and you expect him to talk to you? Not going to happen

    • I don't think she's expecting him to, I think she just wants to hear what he's got to say about it and also about why he's ignoring her?

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    • I did try, but he kept ignoring me, he wouldn't speak to me at all, i would thought of his feelings had changed but I just wanted to hear it from him instead ignoring me. All I'm saying is that should I try to get the answer out of him again or just leave it?

  • You broke up with him, why would he be talking to you about it?

  • Wtf do you mean? You don't do anything. You broke up with him so why do you need to talk to him?


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