My Boyfriend broke up with me because he is stressed, but he is still in love with me and cares about me. Is it over?

Hi, my boyfriend broke up with me about a week or so ago. He told me that he is stressed with school and really wants to make sure that he passes. its hard because he overthinks everything. I see him stressed out and its hard because i really would like to me there for him. I feel as though he cannot balance school as well as myself as he has this false belief on what a relationship is supposed to be. He feels bad if he ever puts school before me which does not bother me. i am proud to know that he knows what is important to him. he doesn't believe me though as i have been depressed for all of our relationship (1yr), and just recently got out of my depressive state (1 month or so ago). in my depressive state, i was needy and dependent on him and i feel like i made him feel bad about not paying attention to me. being out of the state however, i have been able to discover my independence and what really makes me happy. i would have found this independence with or without him, something that he does not understand. i am worried that he believes that the depressed me is who i am, when it is not. i would love to give him the space that he really needs so that we both come back together as two different people, and start a fresh new relationship. he still loves me, as he asked for space and texted me twice telling me that he missed me so much. i told him that he needs to take time to himself to clear his head. we have now not talked for 6 days. i dont know how to go about talking to him again when the time is right because i would like to get back together, but i dont want to force it or stress him out. i really want him to figure his stuff out and feel okay. but i feel like he thinks that he needs to manage me due to how i was before. he doesn't need to do that anymore. i love him and care for him with all of my heart, and i want him to be better for himself. i would like to get back together eventually, im jyst confused on how to go about this.


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  • Maybe you being so depressed has rubbed off on him or something maybe let him know you will wait for him if he is still interested in the relationship. And that you will be there if he ever need someone to talk to. As well try to prove by not worrying to much that you really have found the real you.

    • our break up was good honestly. he expected me to be over the wall and begging for him and i didn't because i really want him to do this for himself. he watched me go through a break up with my ex 2 years ago as we have been best friends for nearly 5 years. it was as though he was making sure he didn't do what my other ex did. my other ex said things like "ill let you know" or "i don't know if i have made the right choice or not". when this ex broke up with me, everything seemed so scripted. i just can't help but feel like he just needs some space to clear his mind because he DOES over think a lot, and then we will be okay

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    • haha honestly I really hope that that's how it works out. I'm really missing my best friend right now

    • Look forward to the future and be positive. Keep busy and time will pass. I mean I graduated high school and it feels soo unreal.

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