My ex invited me over over, but I don't think he actually wants me to come?

Broke up a few days ago, we've still been in contact. It was my fault the relationship ended (no need to get into it.) Almost every time we'd be in contact he was trying to hurt my feelings it seemed. Making it seems as if the relationship was no big deal. He's pretty malicious with his tone and the things he was saying. Yesterday he told me about a girl he had gotten a number from before we started dating and that he had contacted her. He basically said that he had 'picked a good one this time' and listed a couple things that's she's accomplished that I have not. He's only in my city every week or two, and was supposed to see me this week. He told me he's going to invite this girl over to the hotel he had rented for my birthday later this week since he can't get his money back. Then he calls me an hour later asking if I want to come instead and he'll cancel his date. But the whole time he doesn't seem like he even wants me to come. Maybe there was no girl, she cancelled or he's trying to emotionally manipulate me. When I asked if he wanted me to come he said 'sure.' What do you think? Should I go or not? Thanks in advance.


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  • Go only if you're into this kind of torture for the rest of your life. If not, dump this asshat like a piece of shit.

  • Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe :^)


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