Do you think my ex girlfriends friend broke us up?

by the way i am also friends with my ex girlfriends best friend.
Me and her friend are pretty close and go way back even before i started going out with my ex and she knows a lot about how im suicidal and have a pretty dark past.

On Friday the day before she broke up with me i basically told her friend that i was going to commit suicide if jasmine broke up with me, but i was having a really bad day and i was wording it wrong and i didn't mean it as you can tell because I'm alive right now but what i meant was that she really helped me and that she was one of the main reasons i wasn't really suicidal anymore but there was a lot of other reasons. And i was just having a really bad day and i wasn't thinking.

This was the day before she broke up with me and the friend that i said this to, replied saying that she thought my girlfriend and i were better off friends and we should break up.

The day after she breaks up with me because she thought we were better off friends.

This is her friends reply.Do you think my ex girlfriends friend broke us up?

This was her break up text to me the day after.

I think it seems a bit sketchy.

  • Her friend convinced her to break up with me
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  • My exe's BFF did that to us once. Girls are like that. Especially if the BFF is single and unwanted. She will feel like you are taking her away from her. Just don't even bother, your girl will realize what the hell she did. Then she will come back. It is up to you to take her back or not. I was in the same situation. Took her back too soon. Now she broke up with me again. I just let her go free without saying a lot, no contact at all. Letting her drown in her own sorrows, don't really care if she decides to come back or not, she is not oxygen to me. Gotta grow up and stop letting people use you as their doormat.


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  • Her friend convinced her

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