Should I break up with my boyfriend if he and his ex still talk? Calling each other sexy and papi and mami?

My boyfriend and his ex still talk and from what I can see on Facebook she still calls him sexy... I can't look at his phone because he always locks it. They were in a 2 year relationship and then him and I dated and he cheated on me with her and I gave him a second chance and this sexy stuff is still going on! Should I listen to my head and break up or listen to my heart and stay in the relationship?


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  • This girl is not his ex--she's still dating him. Do you want to date him too?


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  • Listen to your head. This guy's being unfaithful to you.

    Think of what can come out of your relationship with this guy.

    I prefer not to use the word 'jerk'.

    Good luck,



What Girls Said 3

  • he has already cheated on you with her and he is still not keeping a distance from her? I think its high time you tell him to choose either her or you!

    • I want to ask that question but I'm afraid of the answer or he won't choose... so if he doesn't choose then its time to leave right? I sound stupid for asking but my heart quiet persuasive...

    • I will be feeling the same, but its better to ask then wait for him and hurt yourself. take charge!

  • Talk to him about it first...tell him ur not comfortable with it and if it continues you will be gone

    • But if he already cheated I should still talk to him... shouldnt he know what he's doin is wrong?

    • Guys aren't the sharpest tools in the shed...You gave him a second chance for a reason so yes you should talk to him...deep down he might think that it is wrong

  • LEAVE HIM he is tell you that he don't care locking his phone is a sign of a cheating man.. and he's calling some one else sexy your dumb..sorry for being blunt bout he's playing you...LEAVE HIM!

    • You being blunt is what I asked for so I thank you... and your just telling me what my head has said to me a MILLION Plus... so gracias chica

    • Gracias ma ma..he's a loser..

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