Can these two people find each other again down the road?

Is it possible that after having dated for 2.5 years, talking about marriage, but then breaking up and continuing to hang out for 9 months after and then finally cutting ties, that these two people could find each other again later on? even if one person said they have no feelings left and things are done for good?
  • No. too much time has passed and one person said they were done.
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  • Yes. If they are meant to be together they will find each other later on.
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  • Its possible that after some time apart, once each person has experienced other relationships, that they will realize they are meant to be together.
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What Guys Said 1

  • No. Real life isn't like the movies. Things end without resolution. There are problems that have no solutions. The world keeps spinning.


What Girls Said 1

  • Probably not. Not when there's no feeling any more. I think if they parted due to unforeseen circumstances, and had no choice but to end it, but they still loved each other... then i do think they'd find their way back to each other.


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