Why doesn't my ex talk about his new girlfriend?

We've been over for two months. We broke up because he said he was interested in someone else, but I have never seen him with her and our mutual friends said that he never mentions a girl nor have they seen him with one. He doesn't post stuff about her on FB either. He still has his post about how much he loved me and my pics on there, and his status still says engaged.


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  • Because it's none of your business? :/ Maybe he knows that you'll be nosey and pry into his business so he's careful about what he shares and with whom.

    • I mean I'm not saying I'm happy about it. He's just the type of guy that would rub this kind of stuff in your face and he would show how much he's moved on.

    • Hmmmm if that's the case, why even still be cool with him? He sounds like an asshole.

      Why are you so interested and nosey about who he's dating?

  • Maybe he doesn't want to bring strain to the relationship?


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