Will he ever ask to see me again? or regret breaking up?

so it's been three weeks since i've seen or had a conversation with my ex. We broke up three months ago but we kept hanging out and having ex sex. The last two times I saw him he was hot and cold. The first time he was all over me asking to kiss me and treating me like we were still in a relationship. He even kissed me multiple times goodbye. But the last time he was completely opposite. He didn't want to kiss or cuddle with me and spent the entire night playing a video game. He's snapchatted me a few times these past few weeks and checks my story whenever I update it but hasn't messaged me or asked me to hang out. So I guess my question is. Will he ever ask to see me again? or regret breaking up?
so he sent me a snapchat video today of him showing me that his car was in his drive way and I replied with some snapchats not related to his. He opened them and never replied. any idea what's going on? and yeah i'm moving on slowly and surly. He likes posts on facebook about wanting a relationship where they can go on adventures and wanting someone who wants him and that was exactly the kind of relationship we had. so he's really starting to piss me off.


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  • Yeah he will ask to see you again just for sex, but he won't regret breaking up

    • I agree. Best to just end it, not have ex sex and move on.

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  • He will message u again , you just have to be patience


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