Signs my ex still has feelings for me?

So I had to see my ex today about something. We were together a few years and I broke things off a year go. Anyways he helped me with something that he paid $200 out of pocket and we got back to his place he gave me a loooong clinging hug, told me he has missed me then sniffed me a bit a told me I smelled good. He also made me dinner and gave me a back massage. What do u think? He knows I'm leaving soon across country so do u think he regrets losing me? He did playfully grope me after we had a few to drink but that's it, and I enjoyed it as we have strong sexual chemistry and we are both single.


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  • I think it's fair to say that he still has feelings for you. Since you leaving soon, does it actually matter? Do you want him to wait for you if he does?

    • @talloak, thanks for your reply :) No, I don't expect him to. I wanted to marry him but he's not ready to and we both have things to work out. In the end I just want him to be happy even if that's not with me as much I would've liked it to work. Maybe me leaving will give him some kind of closure and he can either find some one else or realize he doesn't want to be without me?

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    • Hmm... well he is very attracted to me so I don't think we could ever be "just friends" He is not the type to just hook up w/randoms either.

    • I don't get the impression that either of you is over the other.

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