How does one get over someone they love?

I blocked him on all social media, but I still find myself looking at his page. Sometimes I feel like it would help if I unblocked him, to act like things are normal and there are no bad feelings. I'm also not ready to put myself out there with other guys, I feel too lazy to do that, even though I want to see other guys because I'm sure he is seeing other girls. How do I get over him and stop thinking about him? We both love each other, but I had to cut it off because he doesn't know what he wants right now, so I keep thinking about the possibility of us being together, but I don't want to. How do I move on?


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  • You need to get out of the house, spend some time with your friends and family. Vent to people who'll support you. Work on yourself and make yourself happy. Learn new things e. g. a new language or hobby. Don't date other guys when you're not ready to. Guys generally date to get over their ex, this doesn't mean that he's over you yet.
    If you're a 100% certain that you don't want to get back with him, ignore any and all attempts he makes at trying to contact you. Delete everything and stop searching for him, it won't do you any good. It's just delaying you from moving on.

    • Thank you for that,.. What if I do want to get back with him? I'm trying to protect myself by not going back and trying to move on.

    • You're welcome :) If you want to get back with him follow NC for a month. Ignore him during this month completely, don't date other guys, but make yourself the best version of you. Do things that really make you happy. If you're happy without him but still miss him, then you're ready to try again.
      After this month send him a text. Depending on the type of guy you can either send him one saying you miss him, or send him one about something that you know he would reply to, something really interesting. It has to be the best text you've ever sent him in your life.
      After that move onto calls, and then meeting up. It's not going to be quick or easy.
      The thing is, you have to take the risk of being hurt again. The risk of you getting back together and it ending up the same way. If you don't then you'll never know. Protecting yourself while you heal is great, but there needs to come a point where you either fight for him & he sees your worth, or you simply let him go.

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