I broke up months ago and am missing the making out but don't want to get into another relationship right now. What do I do?

So I'm am 18 and I broke up with my first girlfriend that I dated for 2 years about 4 months ago. I'm going off to college in 6 months so I don't want to get into another relationship just to leave for college. However I am really missing the make out sessions. I am still a Virgin and I hope to remain that way for a while. So I've been a bit down in the dumps lately and today this girl who was working at burger king was chatting it up with me and said that I should come back around as she is always working there. I never would have considered this as I'm not this type of guy but I can't take it anymore. I am so tempted to go back get her number and ask her if she would be into a couple of casual make out sessions withoit sex or anything serious like that. I don't want to offend her either though and I have very strict parents who would definitely not approve. What should I do? Try and hold out on the temptation until college and find someone then or have this casual lover for a few months. I would love a response if you could write one but if not then use the poll. Thank you so much for answering I'm so torn!
  • Follow through and ask this girl for casual make out sessions
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  • Wait until college to get an actual relationship
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  • Have a short relationship with the knowledge that I want to be single going to college
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An explanation to your opinion would be awesome as I am so troubled.
Thank you guys for your quick feedback, sure enough it was one of those passing "ideas" that would not have panned out very well. I am just going to try to spend more time with my guy and girl friends hanging out to fill the void for now. Sorry if I sounded like a total jerk in the message I'm really not that way.


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