How can I move on after breaking his heart?

So, I dated my ex for almost two years. We broke up 2 times and just recently started talking again. However, literally 5 days ago, I met this guy through one of my guy best fitness. (It's my guy best friend, best friend) at the time I was really mad at my ex and thought I was over him, so talking to this guy seemed new and exciting. This guy was so so sweet and would get so nervous around me and say super nice things to me and I really enjoyed talking to him. However, I felt rushed about everything bc the only reason we were talking was to start dating. One day, we went out to lunch, and he was so sweet, but I didn't feel comfortable around him yet and he was just so nervous, and I was always the one starting conversation. I then realized that I missed my ex. So, I did what needed to be done and I told this guy that I still had feelings for my ex, even though I started getting feelings for him too. But, I didn't think it would be fair if I was talking to him while missing my ex. It was the hardest thing ever, and I've already cried about it so much. He got so attached in only 5 days and I lost him, and my guy best friend. I don't know if what I did was right or wrong, or just how can I stop making myself guilty for breaking his heart... please help :( also he blocked me on social media


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  • Arggh. I wrote a long message but it did not submit for some reason. Let me see if i can reconstruct it.

    • You did no wrong. You were honest with him about matters over which you have no control. Any other course you would have taken might be easier but it would have been dishonest and thus wrong. it is unfortunate that he did not welcome honesty even when it is unpleasant.

      I really hope that you did not lose your best friend over this. If and when you are on talking terms you can explain the situation so he can relay this to his friend. Specifically, that you were not using him because you genuinely thought it was over with the ex, and that you did not emotionally cheat on either party. You were not choosing the ex because he was better. The guy was a victim of bad timing not ill use. If he continues to be peevish about this, he is less nice than you thought and does not know you well enough to have genuinely fallen for you.

    • Thank you! That really helped! And my boyfriend and I have been dating since freshman year, so I haven't friendzoned any guys since middle school which is honestly way easier of course. And also, I always try to make people happy and not get hurt, so it really was messing with me that I hurt this guy when he did nothing wrong. But I think it was better to tell him now, and not like in 3 months or something. I really hope that everything clears up with my best rriend and I, and this guy and I. I never meant to hurt him, but hey, at least it's done with and I'm really not emotional cheating on him anymore :)

    • You were never cheating on him. I'm sure you told yourself that it might work out with the new guy before your mind caught up with your heart. I'm glad you feel better!

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