How do guys move on SO QUICKLY?

So basically, I'm really freaking upset right now.

I got my heart broken last December and it was the worse pain I ever felt. During and since then he's already had two different girlfriends (One of which he feels is Facebook status worthy). Besides the fact that this makes me feel worthless, I can't understand how all the memories we shared are so easily disposed by him! I forced myself to remove him from all my social media because I'm tired of seeing his face pop up and being reminded how terribly things ended, but I am STILL heart broken! I'm not over it and it SHOCKS me how he took the easy road and just abandoned the entire thing. He moved on SOO quickly!

Whats really upsetting me is how EASILY he gets women! Moving on and find a girlfriend is EASY for him. All the while I'm under my covers unable to function STILL and it's almost been two months! I want him to come back, but he's so far gone --- I doubt he even knows I'm doing no contact! And when I try to move on I can't seem to get into relationships has quick as this guy does. How is he meeting such eligible girls in the blink of an eye? I feel like I've been left in the dust! My standards are not too high --- I know what I deserve!

REALLY QUICK: Ladies, I don't understand how he's had two different girlfriends since in so little time! He's NOT EVEN HOT!!! Yet he finds a match so quickly and easy! I haven't had a boyfriend in two years and you know what it feels like to be on your game with life. Everything is on point except my love life. Im beautiful, I'm smart, I take care of myself physically and go to the gym and work out, I'm friendly and approachable. Ladies, you know what it's like to be the total package but you can't understand why you're single. Not being conceited but knowing your worth and what you deserve. Since then I met one guy that I did really like and we exchanged phone numbers and he asked me on a date, but he went ghost on me and I never heard from him again. UGH!


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  • With my first high school crush, it's now less about heartbreak over rejection and more about disappointment with her rotten attitude and choices in life. I just can't feel anything for her now. I tried to support her and have faith in her for 11 years... and all for nothing.

    With the second one... she died. That will always hurt, but I've been able to heal. After all, her death happened 3 years ago. I should have a right to move on after 3 years.

    After the betrayal committed by two of my "Dirty Dozen," the love I once felt has turned to contempt. Those women disgust me now. So I avoid thinking about them just because all they do is make me angry.

    I still have some feelings for a lot of the rest, but have grown to accept after all these years that it will never work out, not in a million years.


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  • Girls and guys do that alike. More then likely you ex was never invested in the relationship in the 1st place. As hurtful as it is to think about, he was prob already seeking someone while he was still w/you.

    • Think of it this way, if he jumps from relationship to relationship, more then likely he will never settle down. Either that or he will be so screwed up from these flings that even if he finds another girl, he prob won't be able to hold onto her.

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  • Looks like you're venting. Was there a question?

    You could always get a guy. Or, to put it another way, people who abandon all standards can get someone. It's not rocket science. You can get a guy any time you want to.

    This isn't to say your standards are too high. I don't believe in standards that are too high. You know what you want and are holding out for it. He might be able to get quantity because he's not holding out for quality. Simple as that.

  • To me, she's not the only woman on planet Earth plus she's not the only thing to worry about and most important of all, I got lots of other things to do. All of the former mean one and the same thing.

  • We're not as emotionally involved as women


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