I texted him we need to talk and he ignored my message?

So this guy I dated didn't contact me for 4 days. I decided to break up with him and texted "call me, we need to talk." I called him later and my call went to voicemail. He didn't open my message but he was online.

Ido what to do. I wanted to text him more and yell at him but he probably won't respond.

How can I get closure?


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  • You probably can't if he's ignoring everything coming from you. Just move on maybe


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  • Ignore him for a full month. You need to cut out the clingy behaviour and make yourself happy. 4 days isn't long at all. Give him space and a bit of time, then try again. Send him a text that is something he finds interesting and would make him laugh. Do not mention the past relationship until you're on good terms in person. It'll be hard and a test of your self-control but you can do it.
    Only after this month of being happy without him, can you begin to get closure.


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  • He's doing the right thing. LOL. Can't break up if you can't talk to him. LOL.

    Anyway, just move on, close NOTHING!!!

  • Soubds like ge dies not care... just drop the whole thing. U broke up anyway


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