When should I say enough is enough?

It'll be a year in April since he left me! I still think about him everyday (especially now around Valentine's Day) I still cry like the break up just happened yesterday, I still go to his Facebook page from time to time, I still reminisce on our good and bad times, I still feel like I miss him, I still think how did things go wrong, what did I do etc... It's all old repetitive news and I am so sick of it!! I've made progress but I am still hurt.. I want to move on so bad! They say you should wait before dating again to work on yourself but what am I supposed to do wait forever? This heartache has stayed it's welcome and is long overdue. HELP! I want to move on so badly, I don't want to hurt anyone because I'm in pain still but I'm also tired of being in this place! Please HELP!!


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  • In life , pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. You still feel so hurt because you are allowing him to control so much of your emotions, by visiting his facebook page and constantly reminiscing. The only way to move on from him is to stop holding onto a guy who has already let you go.

    Heartache is so painful but you have a choice , stay as you are or free yourself and move on. Cut all ties by never checking up on him. Keep your mind occupied by focusing on things other than him. Gradually his memory will fade , and the pain will ease.

    Why waste all of your feelings , tears and emotions on a guy who doesn't value them. You are creating your own pain by constantly keeping him in your thoughts and life, Sometimes you have to let go of people you love , because they don't feel the same way ♥ :)

    • Thanks for the MHO 💗🌹

      I can see through your words how heartbroken you are , so I sincerely hope you find the courage to let go. Holding on weighs you down and is heavy on your heart, letting him go will free you from your pain 💗

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  • You should have said enough was enough about ten months ago. There's nothing to be gained by your obsession with the past. It might be best for you to seek professional help, as this kind of behaviour is usually indicative of a clinical depression.

  • I agree with @9mfeo. I think you should seek professional help. We all need help from time to time and there's nothing wrong with seeking it.

  • I think you should go out and date but don't get into anything serious. There's nothing wrong with going out and meeting new people, and seeing what's out there.